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Verbier Village – summer


Sporting activities:
– 18-hole golf course
– 950km of footpaths and hiking trails
– 28 cross-country trails
– 500km of mountain bike runs
– 5 downhill runs for the most daring mountain bikers
– Discover the « Bisses »: these ancient irrigation channels run down the mountains of the Valais, as they used to bring water from the highest summits down to the valley fields and orchards.

Verbier festival

Great classical music artists, such as Nigel Kennedy or Joshua Bell, as well as renowned conductors, such as Charles Dutoit, perform every year on the stage of this two-week long festival, which music lovers from all over the world look forward to.

Jumping International of Verbier

This horse-jumping show, featuring some of Switzerland’s and Europe’s greatest riders, such as Olympic champion Steve Guerda, offers a unique experience and a glimpse of true equestrian magic.

Col du Grand-St-Bernard

The hospice was established in the 11th century by Bernard de Menthon to provide shelter to the worn-out travellers following the exhausting pathway, which long remained a major trans-European road, travelled by Napoleon himself to join Italy. Today the hospice is still open to travellers but has also become a peace-inducing spiritual haven. The Great St Bernard Museum recounts the history of the path. In its vicinity visitors can discover the St Bernard dog kennel’s nursery. Bred for mountain rescue, St Bernard dogs have become famous through countless tales of Alpine adventures, among which Barry’s are the most famous.